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Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals in a chlorine pool help maintain the water to be safe and clean. If chemicals are not used properly there can be a chemical imbalance resulting in unsafe swimming conditions, but also can damage your heating, filter and pump systems. A pool serviceman should regularly check a pool to ensure its safety. If this is not regularly maintained a pool can become filled with algae and the equipment can corrode and damage the filter.

Chlorine is a very popular chemical that can be used in the form of tablets, granular or liquid. Chlorine keeps the swimming pool sanitized and clean.

Algaecides work by both killing and preventing algae and can be used in tablet or liquid form. Algaecides help eliminate the return of algae.

Shocks are often used after your pool has been inactive for a period of time and also to prevent algae as well. Shocks are generally in the liquid form and contain high doses of a mixture of chemicals. It is recommended not to swim in your pool directly after a shock.

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