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Why the world’s most intelligent pumps are a

“No Brainer”

New Pentair IntelliFlo VS-3050 pump typically savesĀ $621 to $1356* per year in electricity (click to see what you save!)

  • Exclusive permanent magnet motor (used in hybrid cars) creates base savings of 30% over older pumps with induction motors
  • Ability to program exact pump speeds for specific operations–filtering, heating, spa jets, water features–saves even more…up to 90%
  • The quietest pump on the planet
  • Combined technology advances promise dramatically longer, trouble-free service life

Invest in IntelliFlo VS-3050 today and save for a lifetime

*Savings based on comparison pump running 6 to 12 hrs/day at a national average of $0.15/kwh in a 20,000 gallon pool.

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