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Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming pool equipment is not always visible to those who are swimming in your pool; however, it is crucial to the operation and maintenance of your pool.

Swimming pool pumps and filtration systems play an important role in keeping you’re swimming pool clean. Pumps transfer the water to and from your pool through the filter to make sure dirt and debris is cleaned out. I recommend having your filter cleaned at least twice a year to ensure proper function.

A pool heater is also important for the family and friends that wish to swim on cooler days and nights and still enjoy themselves. A heater can extend your swimming season to year round. There are also more efficient ways of heating your pool such as solar.

Pool cleaners use suction to pick up dirt and debris from the bottom of you’re swimming pool. I recommend every pool owner to have a pool cleaner working in their pool to extend their pools cleanliness until the next visit by their pool serviceman. If you do not have a pool cleaner already you can contact me for pricing.

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