Pool Basics


We are lucky to live in beautiful San Diego where the weather is nice all year long. This also means swimming pools and spas need that special attention year long as well. Whether or not you use you’re swimming pool or spa it is crucial to have it maintained year round minimizing the chances of your water chemistry to go out of whack.

Swimming pools and spas are reliant on their pumps and heavy machinery to ensure proper water filtration and that the water continues to circulate and clean the pool. Without proper function this can lead to a number of problems. (i.e., Algae, Calcium Buildup, Scaling, Equipment Failure, etc.) To alleviate these possible problems call to start your professional pool and spa service today!


Swimming pool equipment is not always visible to those who are swimming in your pool; however, it is crucial to the operation and maintenance of your pool.

Swimming pool pumps and filtration systems play an important role in keeping you’re swimming pool clean. Pumps transfer the water to and from your pool through the filter to make sure dirt and debris is cleaned out. I recommend having your filter cleaned at least twice a year to ensure proper function.

A pool heater is also important for the family and friends that wish to swim on cooler days and nights and still enjoy themselves. A heater can extend your swimming season to year round. There are also more efficient ways of heating your pool such as solar.

Pool cleaners use suction to pick up dirt and debris from the bottom of you’re swimming pool. I recommend every pool owner to have a pool cleaner working in their pool to extend their pools cleanliness until the next visit by their pool serviceman. If you do not have a pool cleaner already you can contact me for pricing.


Swimming pool chemicals in a chlorine pool help maintain the water to be safe and clean. If chemicals are not used properly there can be a chemical imbalance resulting in unsafe swimming conditions, but also can damage your heating, filter and pump systems. A pool serviceman should regularly check a pool to ensure its safety. If this is not regularly maintained a pool can become filled with algae and the equipment can corrode and damage the filter.

Chlorine is a very popular chemical that can be used in the form of tablets, granular or liquid. Chlorine keeps the swimming pool sanitized and clean.

Algaecides work by both killing and preventing algae and can be used in tablet or liquid form. Algaecides help eliminate the return of algae.

Shocks are often used after your pool has been inactive for a period of time and also to prevent algae as well. Shocks are generally in the liquid form and contain high doses of a mixture of chemicals. It is recommended not to swim in your pool directly after a shock.


Windows and Doors

    • All windows and doors leading to the pool or spa area should be locked. Safety latches should also be out of reach from children. The recommended height is 54” above the ground.
    • Make sure alarms that are present are never disconnected on all doors and windows leading to the pool or spa area.


  • If using a fence around the pool or spa make sure that it is a non-climbable fence at least a height of 5 feet.
  • Fencing with vertical bars should be no more than 4” apart from each other.
  • All gates or fences leading to the pool or spa area should be self-closing and self-latching with latches that are out of reach of children. Once again the recommended height is 54” above the ground.
  • All gates that are installed should open away from the pool.
  • Make sure there are no chairs, tables, planters etc. that can be used to climb over the gate or fence.
  • Chairs, tables, planters or other items potentially used for climbing are kept away from the fences.

Pool/Spa Safety Covers

  • Pool and spa safety covers should be able to hold the weight of a child.
  • Pool and spa safety covers should only be removed completely for cleaning or prior to use and replaced immediately afterwards.
  • Automatic covers should have the turn switch at a height of at least 54” above ground or locked so that a child cannot open the cover themselves.


  • All the safety tips shared here on this website or not nearly enough compared to supervision.
  • An adult should always be present when a child is in a pool or spa area. Supervision should not be neglected for any reason during the time a child is near the pool or spa.
  • It is a helpful idea to have all family members 14 years of age and older have a current CPR certification. You never know when you might need to be the one saving a life!


  • If a diving board is present the water must be at least 8 feet deep.
  • All pool chemicals should be stored in childproof containers and out of the reach of children.

Note: The items shown on this page are just a few helpful tips. They represent items proven to reduce the risk and incidence of childhood drowning.